Introduction/Cover Letter

Dear Future English 110 Students, 

     My experience in English 110 Freshman Composition couldn’t have gone any better. It started off with writing a paper on introducing ourselves including hobbies, friends/family, schools we have attended, etc. that I admired so that the professor and student would know something about one another. This was the easiest paper we were assigned in class. The next paper we wrote was a literacy narrative that we had to come up with regarding our experience with literacy. I enjoyed this assignment because it made me reminisce about the past and how my experience with literacy has come a long way. After these two assignments, the rest of the assignments had tasks where we had to use different sources from websites, journals, articles, books, ebooks, etc. 

     The class had to follow Course Learning Outcomes that we learned throughout the semester. Course Learning Outcomes are statements that explain factors for learning. These statements are created by learners that have gone through both pros and cons in learning. 

     Furthermore, this semester has been challenging with countless nights of creativity and thought. I had struggled multiple times and also achieved numerous Course Learning Outcomes. 





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